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KIDA    Laboratory

Department of Applied Chemistry and Biochemistry
Kumamoto Univeristy

Chemical engineering is an important field comprising of wide areas for learning and research, from the basic molecular level analyses of reaction mechanism to pilot-scale testing, leading to process commercialization. With keywords such as “environment/energy”, “functional materials”, “biomass”, and “electrochemical devices”, our laboratory focuses on research for the advancement of technologies in diverse areas such as nanomaterial synthesis, development of functional devices, and biomass advance utilization technology.

We are

In the fields of Materials Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Chemical Engineering,
and Catalysis

  • Nanomaterials synthesis

  • Inorganic-organic hybrids

  • Graphene oxide

  • ​Electrochemical devices

  • ​Separation membranes

  • ​Gas sensing

  • ​Biomass conversion


Kumamoto University

2-39-1 Kurokami, Kumamoto 860-8555, Japan

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