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Ms. Mori and Mr. Miyagawa was attending international conference in Taiwan [APSPT10]



Prof. Sasaki and Mr. Miyagawa was attending international conference in Nagoya [Supergreen2017]



Prof. Kida and 2nd year master students, Ms. Ayaka and Mr. Kido was attending international conference at Hanoi, Vietnam



2nd year master students, Mr. Hobo and Mr. Hashimoto was attending international conference at Busan, Korea [KJT2017]



Mr.Hobo and Ms. Yamafuku was attending international conference at Busan, Korea. [ICSST2017]



Guest lecture delivered by Prof. Anke Krueger, invited professor from Würzburg University, German.

Guest lecture delivered by Prof. Eduard Llobet, invited professor from Rovira i Virgili University, Spain.

Prof. Kida and 11 students from laboratory was giving presentation at international conference in Kitakyushu.



The information about activities of laboratory's members (e.g: international conference, internship, exchange student) has been updated.

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